How Aqua Treadmill Physical Therapy Works
In this video, Dr. Alberto Rullan shows you some of the main muscles targeted with the aqua-pacer for horses.
What is Aqua Treadmill Physical Therapy?
The AquaPacer underwater treadmill system is designed specifically for the advanced development of equine athletes of all disciplines. Through the control of hot and cold water temperature, water height (to control buoyancy and resistance), speed and duration, equine trainers and veterinarians can utilize AquaPacer to customize a protocol for each equine’s specific needs. The results are faster recovery and rehabilitation from injury, optimal training and conditioning, and overall performance and fitness improvement.
Benefits of the Aqua Treadmill Physical Therapy
  • Increases the stride and develops muscles used in normal exercise, on the race track, or under saddle
  • ​Allows bleeders to heal while still maintaining conditioning.
  • ​Reduces recovery time by 50-60%
  • ​Improves performance
  • ​Accelerates conditioning
  • ​Encourages muscle development
  • ​Increases cardiovascular fitness
  • Improves flexibility
  • ​Promotes correct posture and a balanced gait
  • ​Minimizes performance injuries
  • ​Reduces impact on limbs while benefiting soft tissue mobilization
  • ​Modulation and reduction of pain
  • ​Reduces friction between articulating joints
  • ​Provides hydrostatic pressure to assist blood and reduce swelling
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